Join Sen. Ted Cruz at CPAC!

Sen. Ted Cruz would like to invite you to join him at the CPAC events below on Thursday Feb. 26th:

Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks at CPAC


Photo Line with Sen. Ted Cruz
2:45 pm
Azalea 3, Convention Center

College Republican National Committee Reception
4:30 pm
Walrus Oyster & Ale Restaurant
152 Waterfront St, National Harbor, MD
*You must be a College Republican member to attend

Breitbart Reception with Sen. Ted Cruz
9:00 pm
Chesapeake F, Convention Center

After the photo line visit to download and share your photo for free with Sen. Ted Cruz.

We are looking for volunteers to help spread Sen. Cruz’s message at CPAC. If you can volunteer for a couple of hours on Thursday, Friday or Saturday please sign up here and we will put you to work!

We look forward to seeing you at CPAC!


*Registration for discounted CPAC tickets with Sen. Ted Cruz has closed. Thanks to those who registered to attend CPAC with Senator Ted Cruz, we appreciate your support! 

If you still want to attend CPAC and have not registered, you can purchase a ticket from CPAC at the door the day of the event.

If you registered with Sen. Cruz, you may have received an email from “[email protected]” with the subject line “REMINDER: Account Balance Due.” That email was sent in error by CPAC and we have confirmed your ticket order has been paid for in full.

You can pick up your ticket upon arriving at the convention center at the CPAC general registration desk. You can pick up your free #CruzCrew t-shirt and other fun swag at our “Jobs Growth and Freedom Fund” booth (Booth #136). Remember to wear your t-shirt on Thursday for Sen. Cruz’s speech!