Endorsed Races:

Ben Sasse

Ben is a constitutional conservative that is willing to stand up and make the hard choices to turn this nation around. Now more than ever, we need to send conservative reinforcements like Ben to the US Senate to stop President Obama’s job-killing agenda, repeal the disaster of Obamacare and defend America’s founding principles.

Please support Ben today.

Joni Ernst
Joni will be a strong ally for conservative principles in the U.S. Senate and a passionate advocate for the Second Amendment, the right to life and limited government. We urgently need reinforcements like Joni in the Senate to help cut wasteful spending and dismantle Obamacare.
Please support Jodi today.

Under the tenure of Sen. Harry Reid and his Democratic majority, the American people have taken a backseat to President Obama’s radical, liberal agenda.

While they have failed to pass a budget since April 2009, Democrats in Washington have allowed our national debt to almost double since they claimed the majority in 2006.

With debt soaring towards $17 Trillion and unemployment hovering at 7.6%, it is more apparent than ever that big government policies do not work.

From the bailouts to Obamacare, current leadership has demonstrated that they do not listen to the will of the American people and need to be replaced.

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***Denotes special elections.