ICYMI: Republicans will stand with farmers over trial lawyers any day

Republicans Will Stand with Farmers Over Trial Lawyers Any Day
The Iowa Republican
By: Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas


Last week, Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley questioned whether a “farmer who never went to law school” had the chops to take a leadership role in Washington D.C.

Well, let me tell you something. Washington would be a lot better off if we had more farmers in Congress and a lot fewer trial lawyers.

Iā€™m a constitutional lawyer who serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and in my opinion Chuck Grassley ā€“ that Iowa farmer whom Braley was denigrating ā€“ would make an outstanding chairman of that committee.

Sen. Grassley is a champion for the American people, and his work holding the executive branch accountable, protecting Second Amendment rights, and fighting the unfair and unconstitutional exemption Congress gave itself from Obamacare is well regarded on Capitol Hill and beyond.