ICYMI: USA Today Agrees With Sen. Cruz: Ending ethanol mandate is good for consumers

Sen. Cruz Tells Truth About Renewable Fuel Standard

WASHINGTON, DC — On Friday, March 12, the USA Today editorial argued in favor of ending the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) mandate. It also recognized Sen. Ted Cruz as the only participant willing to state his opposition to the mandate before an audience of farmers at the Iowa Ag Summit last week. Sen. Cruz has introduced legislation calling for a 5-year phase out and ultimate repeal of the law.

USA Today‘s editorial follows praise from the Wall Street Journal, which also recognized Sen. Cruz’s principled stance in an editorial last week:

The only Ag Summiteer who flat-out opposed the RFS was Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who has also sponsored a bill in Congress to repeal it. In response to Mr. Rastetter’s claim that oil companies were shutting ethanol out of the market, he noted “there are remedies in the antitrust laws to deal with that if you’re having market access blocked.” Bravo… If they were thinking bigger, Republicans would understand that they’ll have more credibility to reform social welfare if they oppose corporate welfare.

The full USA Today editorial may be viewed at http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2015/03/12/ethanol-gas-renewable-fuel-standard-iowa-editorials-debates/70238088/.