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Vacaville, CA

I am a blue collar conservative, since 1960, which is not a popular position in a liberal state like California; an uphill fight on a good day. I am adamantly opposed to the irresponsible, burgeoning, malignant growth of our Federal bureaucracy, which is no longer serving the needs of the people as described in the Constitution, but has become a burdensome “fifth wheel”; an anchor chain around our neck. Like a giant parasite, it is sucking the lifeblood out of our economy. Through fiscal debt and errant Fed policy it is stealing the value from unsuspecting folks’ hard-earned dollar denominated assets, retirements and all.

Obamacare is probably the worst and most damaging law passed in my lifetime, including laws germane to the “great society”. I have great respect for small business owners. It’s difficult enough for these businesses to survive to profitability against established, entrenched competition and tight margins. Having to do expensive battle with their own government while trying to squeeze out a buck is too much to expect. The American people who are paying attention, really need to regain control of their parties.