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Milton, FL

I am 33 years old and was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2010. At the time I was a team leader for Target. I had their group plan health insurance that only cost me $85 a month. It covered my specialist appointments, blood work, tests, and medication which included IV infusions. My husband soon added me to his conpany’s health insurance plan to help with more of the costs involved in this diagnosis and also because my health was forcing me to make lifestyle changes which included reducing hours and workability with my job. About 18 months ago I had to step down from my leadership position in order to accommodate my health which resulted in a pay cut. I learned around Christmas this past year that Target was going to be dropping my insurance because I couldn’t maintain full time hours. Unfortunately I found out that my husbands insurance plan does not cover my medication, Enbrel. It costs me $3, 031 per month. I was told though that I could submit a claim myself to the medical portion of this insurance and may get up to 80% reimbursed and that process could take up to 8-10 weeks. I went to and applied for insurance. The first plan I found that would help pay for my Enbrel would cost me $300 per month. Then there was a $6,250 deductible and then they would pay $150 or 70%. My husband and I combined only make $60,000 per year, less now that my hours and pay have gone down. We also have 3 young children. We live within our means. We can not afford insurance through the program. After being faced with possibly having to stop my medication which would only allow my disease to progress and me to suffer, I called Enbrel to see if they had assistance to help me stay on my medication. I have applied to a foundation that may be able to help me pay for this very important medicine. But this whole Obamacare has really messed up my ability to afford to treat my condition while still providing for my family. Please, help stop this legislation!!!