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Auburn, ME

I recently lost my job and when looking for a job, I found a profound lack of full time jobs. I ended up working 2 part time jobs. The pay is lower and the hours are split up over the entire week. I have 30 years in my field and that no longer matters. At age 52, I no longer have health insurance nor could I afford it now. Under the not-so-affordable care act, I would end up paying more than I have ever paid for insurance in my entire work life. This, coupled with the new fees, taxes and regulation of the State of Maine, and I will be making less working overtime than if I did nothing at all. Something needs to be done about all of this and we need to get rid of policies and laws that punish hard work and perseverance. I have written my own senators but they seem to be out to lunch. Then again, they can afford it, can’t they?