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Fort Worth, TX

My wife has a mild, treatable ‘pre-existing’ condition: Multiple Sclerosis. Though her health is generally good, and she does not regularly use her health plan, she couldn’t get insurance from any place other than the Texas Health Insurance Pool. It was a bit more expensive than my individual policy, but we could handle her $300/month insurance costs ($7500 deductible). Now that Obamacare is in effect, the Texas Health Insurance Pool will cease to exist on January 1, 2014. We are left with no other options but to use Obamacare if she is to have insurance at all – or pay the fine. With only 10 weeks left before the end of the year, and no way to realistically sign up for Obamacare, she will likely be without insurance, exposing us to financial ruin should something catastrophic happen, unrelated to her condition.