Sen. Ted Cruz: This Is Our Fight

We’re at a critical time — America is in jeopardy. Now the good news: patriots across America are rising up to take our nation back.

And just this afternoon, Sen. Ted Cruz took the stage at CPAC to discuss how we do that — how we reignite the miracle of America. You won’t want to miss what he said — watch it here.

As Sen. Cruz said, we must “bring together fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, and national security conservatives. We stand for strong economic growth, but we also stand for life and marriage. We need to defend constitutional rights, but we should also stand and lead the fight against ISIS and a nuclear Iran.”


We also must ask of our elected officials not “what do you say?”, but “when have you stood up and fought?” We need leaders with a history of standing up and fighting against Obamacare, against raising the debt ceiling, against amnesty, for the rule of law, for our Second Amendment rights, for religious liberty, against IRS targeting, against common core, for the right to life, for marriage, for Israel, and to stop a nuclear Iran.

As Sen. Cruz so rightly put it, “This country is the greatest country in the history of the world. It has been a haven for freedom. When my Dad was imprisoned in Cuba and fled 58 years ago, he came because no nation on Earth has let so many millions come with nothing and achieve anything. And if we get back to this, brighter days are ahead. We can do that together.

This is our fight,  It’s Washington versus the people — will you stand with us?

Please take a few minutes to watch what Sen. Ted Cruz had to say at CPAC today and share the video with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.