Tell us why we should #StopObamacare

Ted Cruz continues to stand with the American people to Stop Obamacare! Has Obamacare had an adverse impact on you?

Stand with Ted and tell your story! Please submit writing, pictures or video below and help us spread the word on the real life impact of this disastrous legislation.

From the Grassroots

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Halifax, NC

My hospital eliminated positions and decreased our hourly pay rate by 2.5% because of Obamacare.

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Angels Camp, CA

Because it is WORSE than a train wreck! Our doctor, who we love, decided to … Read More

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Uxbridge, MA

I lost my job on 9-30 after 8.5 years – I had full benefits and … Read More

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Allison Park, PA

I work full time and part time now because of all the gas increases and … Read More

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Spring, TX

Sen. Cruz, Wanted to send you this letter to let you know that we support … Read More

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Argyle, TX

I have had the privilege of practicing Emergency Medicine in Texas for 12 years. In … Read More

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Helena, MT

We are all affected, at least indirectly, as more and more people are having their … Read More

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Nash, TX

This atrocity is the beginning of the end of full time employees. Especially small businesses … Read More

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Westlake, LA

Obamacare is hurting this beautiful country I call home.

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Stillwater, NY

My company of employment recently revamped their healthcare benefits to reflect guidelines set by obamacare … Read More

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Sylmar, CA

I’m a single parent raising my son, and I believe Obama Care is the worst … Read More

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Farmington, UT

My previous neighbor went from paying a reasonable level of premiums (about $400-500 a month) … Read More

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Murrieta, CA

My story is that my wife and I simply cannot afford Obamacare’s premiums and deductables. … Read More

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Elkhart, KS

Not only is this a giant power grab by the government for a larger percent … Read More

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Frisco, TX

My husband owns his own small business so we pay for our own insurance. We … Read More

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Madison, WI

I’m a pastor of a church that also runs 2 schools. we had to change … Read More